Hi there!

I’m glad you clicked the About page as that can help you understand the purpose and flavour of the content on this site.

The tagline says “Marketing initiatives done with character” but whatever does that mean?

It means I talk about a specific category of marketing initiatives, the ones which have a greater purpose. Marketing and advertising have such immense power to reach the masses and empower them, however a very small percentage of the total efforts put into this function actually focus on that.

So the mission of this blog is to lift up these initiatives and bring them to the forefront. The vision of this blog is to hope that some day marketing becomes synonymous with the empowerment of the masses.

Being a digital media professional, many of my articles also focus on developments in the digital media industry coupled with opinion pieces on the current digital ecosystem. These articles are under the category “Industry Feature”

I hope after browsing through this blog  you leave with something that maybe you hadn’t read or thought of before. This is a herculean task to achieve in this information saturated world but I intend on trying nonetheless!

Lastly please do leave comments, i would love to hear your feedback and insights on anything that might pique your interest!

Rights to images used on this website rest with the content owners and have been duly credited.


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A curation of marketing initiatives done with character.

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