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Ahead of the curve: Kenneth Cole uses Google Glass to promote its new cologne “Mankind”

The campaign, called “Man up for Mankind Challenge” sets out with the download of a Google glass mobile app. The app challenges men to perform different tasks each day for 3 weeks.

The deeds include gentlemanly notions like :

  • Offer to carry a lady’s bag
  • Bring doughnuts to work for everyone
  • Buy a stranger coffee

Completion of these deeds make the gentlemen eligible to win a Mankind toolkit worth $US 1,000!

The brilliance of this campaign stems from the noble thought process and creative use of technology. The use of Google glass helps Kenneth Cole to target their cutting edge, early adopter man who does not shy away from using a wearable technology.

The campaign encourages young men to contribute and give back to the community whilst being ahead of the times with the use of a technology like Google glass.

This is definitely a very innovative way to marry content marketing with technology and deliver value to the audience.

We give them a definitive thumbs up!👍🏽

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